Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Record Release Sat March 17th @ Beat Kitchen!

Hey ladies and gents,

We're very happy to announce the YOUNG BLOOD record release party will be on Saturday, March 17th @ Beat Kitchen!  We're headlining and will be joined by the excellent Swearwords and Blue Eyed Jesus.

Show Starts at 10:30pm $8 at the door.  Make sure you're there to take part in the festivities!

Click HERE to link to the event on facebook

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Single: Out of the Windows

We here at When Clouds Attack are happy to begin a new phase in the evolution of the band with the release of "Out of the Windows." It is the first single from our upcoming LP "Young Blood." It marks a definitive shift in the direction of our sound. More smooth jams to come this spring with a tbd record release soon. Stay tuned!

Check out the player at the bottom of your browser to hear the new single.

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